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Ảnh thế thân của sakura241180
-=[ Lâu La ]=-
Gia nhập: 29-11-2010
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Native Instruments Traktor Pro Plus (Mac OS X)

Native Instruments Traktor Pro Plus (Mac OS X)
File size: 506.16 MB
TRAKTOR PRO 3 builds upon almost two decades of performance in the booth, while maintaining the workflows that brought it to the stage in the first place. From making sure you always sound your best on club systems, to developing high-impact effects you can use in an instant, TRAKTOR PRO 3 is designed more than ever for unique, dancefloor-filling mixing.

TRAKTOR PRO Plus is an add-on subscription for existing TRAKTOR PRO users. Through this subscription, we will release an ever-growing stream of exciting new features outside of the usual major releases. These features will not be mandatory for base functionality but are intended to improve sound and performance by utilizing certain innovative technologies found across the entities of Soundwide (the umbrella brand that includes iZotope, Plugin Alliance, and Brainworx). Our hope is that this will enable you to enjoy more immediate access to our ongoing developments at TRAKTOR, thereby providing new instances for creative inspiration on a regular basis.

Use built-in sound packs to create custom percussion loops to complement your sets, all mappable to your existing setup and hardware.

We've integrated the Ozone Maximizer with TRAKTOR's master output, allowing you to take your sounds and sets to new heights.

We redesigned TRAKTOR's interface so that it's clearer, flatter, more streamlined, and easier to see through the club haze. New metering and fader designs let you gain your mix more accurately. Instantly access clock, quantization, and master output controls on a redesigned master panel. TRAKTOR PRO 3 maintains the workflows of its predecessors, so switching is a breeze.

From small systems to festival big-rigs - we've made changes that will help you sound great, wherever you play. Every signal-processing step in TRAKTOR has been refined with high-fidelity sound in mind. Stay confident with heavy tempo shifting that uses new Elastique 3 time-stretching. Run your tracks out through the classic warm and punchy TRAKTOR limiter, or a newly-designed, truly transparent master limiter that won't duck your sound, even when layering multiple tracks and samples.

Experimentation should be easy, which is why we developed new Mixer FX on each channel to give you one-touch control over huge club-grade effects. These are great tools for fail-safe sonic exploration - drench vocals in reverb for washed-out transitions, make industrial music-mayhem with bitcrushing, or step things up and away with different delays, plus more. Choose from eight new Mixer FX and three filters and assign them to a dedicated slot for quick modulation.

It's not just effects that can power up your performance. Hold in the new Reverse button to play a deck backwards - because it works with Flux Mode, letting go will mean you jump to where you would have been had you done nothing at all, in perfect sync with the other decks. Create shifted percussion parts, or hidden-message vocals, and team it up with effects for sounds from another dimension. Flux Mode also works with Hotcues, loops, and scratching, for moments where you need a super-tight beat, but can't help chopping things up.

For the DVS enthusiasts out there, TRAKTOR PRO 3 sees TRAKTOR SCRATCH capability included as standard. Scratch DJs can now use our timecode vinyl with any sound card they like - just hook up your turntables or CD players to your sound card and spin away. So as well as playing your crate-digging finds, you can cut, scratch, and backspin your beats without wrecking your wax.

Supported Operation System
• macOS 11.0 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

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Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !

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